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There are a great deal of books dedicated to Koi Carp but here are my personal TOP 5 favourites Koi books

The Encyclopedia of Koi The Encyclopedia of Koi

My personal No. 1 Koi Book, good price, very informative, Great pictures, good illustrations and very easy to read.

cover Koi Kichi and
Koi Kichi Leather Bound

A must have book, by Peter Waddington, Eight books in one (if you can afford it, go for the leather bound one)

cover How to Keep Koi

Extremely good book. Again easy to read with great images, but not as big as the previous 2 books above.

cover Cult of the Koi

Unfortunately I haven't read this one yet! But I have heard good things about it.

cover Keeping Koi

Likewise, I haven't read this one either.