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HomeVariatiesPondsMoviesTalkBulletin BoardLinksGamesBooks for saleContact Me This site has been put together to elp other Koi enthusiasts show off their own ponds/fish and to let people talk about their interest in Koi plus to discuss Koi related problems and also to hopefully give newcomers an insight to Nishikigoi.

Check out some small movies of Koi ponds and fish

Rate some extremely cheesy Koi jokes and add yours. Plus view the great Koi race game.

Why testing your water is so important to your Koi's health.

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View the construction and completion of my pond.

Check out Brett & Stacey pond and why not add yours to this site.

Tips on looking after our Koi during the year.

See some pics of my trip to Tokyo Japan.

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The information in this Web site has been put together by me from my own knowledge, which I have gained over the years in my love of Koi. To my knowledge the information is correct, but please feel welcome to correct me if I am wrong either by e-mail ( or by clicking on the 'Koi Contact' page and posting a form or alternatively use the bulletin board.